“Forge the Dream” from @NYCFactoryfast on www.onlyrockradio.com

“Forge the Dream” from @NYCFactoryfast on www.onlyrockradio.com

“Cranking up an elusive but flamboyant power, this mix is
consistently exciting and inspired… “
Title – Forge the Dream
Release Date – 31 july 2017 Genre – Rock / grunge
Featuring Anagram Noise (Greensboro, North Carolina),
Lee Williams (San Francisco), Uforia (Toronto), Chris
Bolint (Chicago), Black Snak, After Alice (Jackson,
SC) and Freelite (Polatsk, Belarus)
Featured Tracks –
01 – ’99 Gold’ – After Alice
02 – ‘Fight Or Flight’ – Uforia
03 – ‘In a Glow’ – Freelite
04 – ‘Forge the Dream’- Chris Bolint
05 – ’Bad Beat’ – Black Snak
06 – ‘I’ve Got My Eyes on You’ – Lee Williams
07 – ‘Envy’ – Anagram Noise
Social Media / Links –
After Alice https://twitter.com/afteraliceband https://www.facebook.com/AfterAlice/
Uforia https://twitter.com/UforiaBand https://www.facebook.com/uforiaband
Freelite https://www.facebook.com/Freeliteband https://freelite.bandcamp.com/
Chris Bolint https://twitter.com/ChrisBolint https://www.facebook.com/chrisbolint
Black Snak https://twitter.com/blacksnak https://www.facebook.com/
Lee Williams https://twitter.com/LeeWill19889492 https://www.facebook.com/Leewilliams19889492/
Anagram Noise https://soundcloud.com/jkm-937818393 https://soundcloud.com/jkm-937818393
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“Conversations in the Local” from @NYCFactoryfast on www.onlyrockradio.com

“Conversations in the Local” from @NYCFactoryfast on www.onlyrockradio.com

“Breaking out of the neat box, this mix of Songwriters posses an
amaranthine appeal minus the commercial affectations… “
Title – Conversations in the Local
Release Date – 24 July 2017 Genre – Singer / Songwriter
Featuring Matt Tubey (London), DJ Readman (Banbury, UK), Shane
Klein (Santa Cruz, CA), Dave Whitcher Saga (Tigard, Oregon),
Dustin Bird (Ontario, Cananda), Danny Mortimer (Elgin.
Scotland)and AMbassadors of Morning (Washington D.C.)
Featured Tracks –
01 – ‘Conversations In the Local’ – Matt Tubey
02 – ‘Eternal Glow’ – AMbassadors of Morning
03 – ‘Stay With Me’ – Danny Mortimer
04 – ‘Pirates in My Sink’ – DJ Readman
05 – ‘Marcel’ – Shane Klein
06 – ‘Just Dance’ – Dustin Bird
07 – ‘Reunion’ – Dave Whitcher Saga
Social Media / Links –
Matt Tubey https://twitter.com/MattTubey https://www.facebook.com/MattTubey
AMbassadors of Morning https://twitter.com/AMofMorning https://www.facebook.com/AMbassadorsofMorning/
Danny Mortimer https://twitter.com/d_mortimermusic https://www.facebook.com/dannymortimermusic/
DJ Readman https://twitter.com/DJReadman https://www.facebook.com/dogandcrow
Shane Klein http://shaneklein.zone/ https://www.instagram.com/shane_klein/
Dustin Bird https://twitter.com/Dustin_Bird https://www.facebook.com/dustinbirdmusic
Dave Whitcher Saga https://twitter.com/dwhitchersaga https://www.facebook.com/davewhitchersaga/
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016

@ThunderstickUK New album on www.onlyrockradio.com

@ThunderstickUK New album on www.onlyrockradio.com

Thunderstick is back!
New album from NWOBHM legend: ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’
First noticed playing with a developing Iron Maiden in the seventies then moving to Samson (being instrumental in finding a very youthful Bruce Dickinson) Barry Graham Purkis became the figurehead of the newly emerging NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) scene. This was done by creating an alter ego Thunderstick, a masked persona known not only for his wild style of playing his drums but doing so from inside a cage and terrorizing audiences. He went on to form his own highly theatrical band in the eighties. Fronted by a female rock ’n’ roll wildchild Thunderstick the band was a perfect ‘Beauty and the Beast’ combination, playing live and recording for five years until it folded in 1987.
Never to be seen again until now……
Thunderstick is back with a brand new studio album which remains true to the band’s original ‘classic rock’ style: ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’
Thunderstick: “This is an album that is befitting of the Thunderstick of another era, but screams relevance for today.”
“The whole thing came about because of the tragic death of our former vocalist Jodee Valentine at just 55. Jodee’s passing hit me really hard and I wanted to do something in her memory. There are some songs that we were playing live first time around that had never been released, coupled with some new tracks that have been written purely for this album. A new line up. A new album. A new era.”
Scheduled for release 31 July 2017 this is the classic Thunderstick band format of female vocalist, two guitars, bass and drums and the first Thunderstick album of new material in over three decades.
The CD album will be available for purchase via Thunderstick’s Facebook page, via https://www.freewebstore.org/thunderstick-productions and via Bandcamp https://thunderstick.bandcamp.com/album/something-wicked-this-way-comes
Musicians on the album are: Thunderstick (drums), Martin Shellard (guitars), Dave Kandy Kilford (guitars), Rex Thunderbolt (bass) and Lucie V (vocals).

Song titles on ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ are as follows:
1. Dark Night Black Light
2. Don’t Touch I’ll Scream
3. *Go Sleep With The Enemy (I Dare Ya)
4. The Shining
5. *Encumbrance
6. Fly ‘N’ Mighty
7. Lights (Take MeAway)
8. Blackwing
9. Thunder Thunder ‘17’
10 *I Close My Eyes
All compositions by Barry Graham Purkis. Except *CHANG/DOWNS/PURKIS/SHELLARD.
All lyrics by Barry Graham Purkis
Thunderstick is available for interviews.
All media enquiries to: Darren Johnson 07799 731 682 darrenjohnson@crowfliescommunications.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thunderstickofficial/

Listen @votraster on www.onlyrockradio.com

Listen @votraster on www.onlyrockradio.com



VoTraster, derived from the words “Doceavo y Traste”, meaning Twelfth Fret, area Thrash Metal band from Panama. Their goal is to bring the genre to a whole new level by using various influences ranging from classic thrashright through to contemporary and modern metal.


The band have recently released their debut single, Who Cares, which is available at all major online music stores, and are currently in the process of recording a second single and five-song EP.


They are also actively playing gigs around their home country of Panama, with plans to move further afield in the future. Previous gigs include the Wacken 2017 Metal Battle Centro América (finalists), The Rock Fest in Panama City sponsored by Odebrecht Panama and Fansfight sponsored by Converse Panama.


The members of the band:


Samir Gutiérrez – Rhythm guitar

Marco Luque – Lead guitar

Jhair Quezada – Vocals

Dylan Zuñiga – Bass

Marco Ricord – Drums


Where they can be found:








Their debut single, Who Cares, can be downloaded from their website or viewed on YouTube using the links below.





A live performance of their upcoming second single, Outlaw, can also be found on YouTube using the link below.




Points of contact


ALM Records – alm-records@outlook.com

VoTraster – votrasterband@gmail.com

“Bad Mamacita” from @NYCFactoryfast on www.onlyrockradio.com

“Bad Mamacita” from @NYCFactoryfast on www.onlyrockradio.com

“Packed with energy and flair, these ever-dynamic gems will keep
you guessing and entertained… “
Title – Bad Mamacita
Release Date – 17 July Genre – Alternative / Hip Hop
Featuring SALIO (London), Teemus Supreme (Surrey, British
Columbia), Surianne (Marbella, Spain), Divina (London), Pretti
Emage (Clearwater, FL), Fall With Grace (Linköping, Sweden)
and Replikant (Brisbane)
Featured Tracks –
01 – ‘Bad Mamacita’ – Pretti Emage
02 – ‘Part of Me’ – Fall With Grace
03 – ‘Where The River Flows’ – SALIO
04 – ‘Rise & Fall’ – Replikant
05 – ‘We Are As One’ – Surianne
06 – ‘Up To Here’ – Teemus Supreme feat. Queezi
07 – ‘Young, Free and Single’ – Divina
Social Media / Links –
Pretti Emage https://twitter.com/PrettiEmage https://www.facebook.com/PrettiEmage/
Fall With Grace https://twitter.com/FallWithGrace https://www.facebook.com/fallwithgracesweden/
SALIO https://twitter.com/salio_official https://www.facebook.com/SalioOfficial/
Replikant https://www.facebook.com/replikantofficial https://soundcloud.com/replikantofficial
Surianne https://twitter.com/surianne https://www.facebook.com/suriannemusic/
Teemus Supreme https://twitter.com/TeemusSupreme https://www.facebook.com/teemussupreme
Divina https://twitter.com/divinablackson https://www.facebook.com/Divinathesinger/
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016

Listen “All That We Lack” @warwavesband on www.onlyrockradio.com

Listen “All That We Lack” @warwavesband on www.onlyrockradio.com

War Waves: All That We Lack (the new album, released 07.10.16)
“Extremely detailed observations. Almost obsessional in the way that it relates these” – Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 6 Music “War Waves are the band you should be listening to” – Subba-Cultcha
Emerging onto the British scene in early 2015 with their eponymous debut album, Ipswich based War Waves have created an exciting buzz and online following with their intensely emotional and hard hitting sound.
After receiving national radio play and refining their live performance, War Waves released ‘Horses’ – the first single to be taken from their highly anticipated second album ‘All That We Lack’ – in July of this year.
Again working with Backwater Records and this time with Integrity Publishing (a close associate of Integrity Records: Million Dead, Reuben) on board, All That We Lack picks up where the first album left off: 90s influenced guitar hooks and more self-doubt and contradictions woven into creative and infectious songwriting. ‘All That We Lack’ – available on CD, LP and digitally – 07.10.16 ‘Horses’ – available digitally from all major online retailers now
Booking, press and general enquiries: promotion@backwaterrecords.com warwaves.bandcamp.com soundcloud.com/warwaves @warwavesband backwaterrecords.com integritypublishing.co.uk
For fans of: Frightened Rabbit, Brand New, The Smiths