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Once upon a time, a group of veteran touring players and studio musicians
decided to get together for a jam session, making the kind of music that they
liked, treating soul, funk and blues like traditions as opposed to outdated
genres. Over time, these jam sessions turned into rehearsals, the opportunity
for gigs came about and a band was born.
Need to get back into the groove of life? The GroovaLottos are your ticket getting
phunked up! The GroovaLottos are a powerhouse soul-funk-blues band, said to
play with their souls instead of their hands. All having grown up mentored by and
playing with a who’s who of classic soul, funk and blues legends; The GroovaLottos
are keepers of a musical tradition and legacy, rich with storytelling and infectious
grooves. Incredible music and wild senses of humor make them one of the most
entertaining bands around.
The GroovaLottos are comprised of Eddie Ray Johnson (Cherokee & Choctaw),
drums and vocals; Mwalim Daphunkee Professor (Mashpee Wampanoag),
keyboards and vocals; and Richard Johnson, bass, and child prodigy percussionist
and MC, The Z.Y.G.(Mashpee Wampanoag). Their music is a exploration and
celebration of the merge between eastern First Nations and West African musical
forms that became the blues and funk.
A high-energy fellowship of life-long musical journeymen on a mission to unlock
the spirit and the soul; by 19, Eddie Ray was on a three-year national tour,
playing for the likes of Rufus Thomas and Wilson Pickett. Before age 14, Mwalim
performed at Carnegie Hall and by 16, was one of the youngest session players in
EMI Records history. Also having performed at Carnegie Hall by age 15, Richard
has been and remains a very sought after bass player by touring and recording
Gospel, Jazz and R&B artists throughout the East Coast. A gifted jazz-fusion
drummer The Z.Y.G. first headlined at the Boston Jazz Fest in 2015 at age 12 and
made his debut as an MC on an underground mixtape by TMK Squad. He is also
featured on the anti-opioid anthem “Flippin’” by the Soul Poet’s Syndicate.
Their debut single “Do You Mind (IfWeDanceWitYoDates)?” premiered on the
syndicated “Direct From Muscle Shoals” radio show in March of 2016 and
remained in the top ten of the Indie Blues charts for 41 weeks. A completely selfcontained
songwriting, performance and production unit, it’s the goals of The
GroovaLottos to keep making music for their growing fan base as well as write and
produce for other soul, blues and jam band artists.
In April of 2017 they opened the Gathering Of Nations Powwow, playing in the
arena and performing in front of 48,000 people live. Their debut album, “Ask Yo’
Mama” was released shortly after that and has been appearing on the Jam Band,
Indie Blues and Classic Soul Charts ever since. The GroovaLottos are available for
tours, festivals, and private events as well as lectures, workshops and residencies.
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For Swedish singer-songwriter act ‘a strAnger’, music has always been an eclectic undertaking.
Starting out playing in bands ranging from thrash, to heavy rock to grunge and punk-rock, while at
the same time honing his acoustic skills on his own and appreciating a wide range of other musical
styles; ‘a strAnger’ does not worry much about genres.
Being influenced by a wide array of music based on electric-, electronic- and acoustic instruments
spanning various decades, it is quite natural to use them all as compliments to each other in his
music as he sees fit.
Lyrically ‘a strAnger’ songs are in many ways a social commentary or reflection, both on things
unfolding in close proximity and in the distance.
7 years was spent in China during the first decade of the 21st century, exploring and taking part in
the emerging rock scence, as a solo artist and with his heavy rock outfit “The Roadkills”, but also
performing with various international constellations – consisting of anything from jazz musicians to
dj’s. This musical journey took him to festivals, events, rock clubs, dance clubs and outdoor stages all
over mainland China and to Taiwan.
With “The Roadkills” 2 EPs were recorded, and after having moved back to Sweden he released the
solo album “Volatility” in 2010. In 2012 the single “Enough said” was released.
The last couple of years have been alot about finding a path for music in Sweden and the West,
coming back from the dynamics of China. And finding a path in the changing landscape of music.
Which in turn impacts the way to release music, as well as finding a balance between where and
‘a strAnger’ is delighted to finally be sharing the fruit the last couple of years’ hard work with his new
collection of songs “Insatiable”, which is being released on a song-by-song basis throughout the
course of 2016-2017.
Artist: a strAnger
Label: A Tale Untold

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Singer-SongwriterMY LONG BIO 2017

Music is the dream of my life. I’m an independent artist who supports all the costs of recording, producing and distributing my own music. I work in the production department of a renowned company that produces organic food. I started playing acoustic guitar at the age of 15.

My musical and cultural background in general, have always covered the Anglo-Saxon world and in particular the culture and music of the United States and Great Britain. I have a profound knowledge of English and American literature and have always been fond of Celtic music, country and folk. My myths from a very young age were Woodie Guthrie, Jim Croce and Bob Dylan, the singers of the vast prairies of North America. Other artists who have strongly influenced my music world are John Denver, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, and all of West Coast’s Artists like Crosby Still Nash and Young, Eagles and America.

After obtaining an accountant diploma I was called to work in my family’s company. This made my teenage art project even more complicated. At the age of 25 I stopped playing and I devoted myself entirely to the business that absorbed all my energy.

With time I started playing again with no great ambition, but as my passion had never faded in 2007 I took my Takamine F25 and started playing again, after so many years and so much rust, it was not easy but from that moment on I never stopped.
Writing has always been something I have never abandoned, I have always written about everything, articles for local newspapers, reviews for magazines specializing in my business, poetry and short novels.

Over the years, I have embarked on a journey of inner rediscovery and meditation that has led me to a deep awareness of myself and my potential, and from that moment on, my dream was reborn. A few years ago I met a person who changed my life, it was a dejavu that set my feelings free.

For Elena I wrote my first song followed by many others dedicated to her. All those who have listened to them have appreciated innovative melodies, vibrant lyrics, and the intense emotions they arouse. This awareness gave me more confidence and encouraged me to continue. So I started seeing artists and musicians, going to recording companies hoping to get somehow noticed in the Italian musical artistic arens. I have been trying to emerge as a songwriter for 5 years, but despite the hard work I have not come to anything concrete.

I have always loved studying, especially scientific subjects and languages. I am fortunate enough to know English correctly, and this has allowed me to write and record songs in English too. I am pleased to know that the Gotha of Italian music listened to my pieces but despite that I had to change my commercial strategy. In January 2017 I decided to address the Anglo-Saxon market by pointing to all the English-speaking countries: United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, South Africa etc.



I’ve implemented my Facebook and Twitter accounts; with Twitter in particular, I had an exponential growth from a few dozen followers to the current 20,000. This growth has allowed me to know people in the field, especially those interested in my music. The American music world is not comparable to ours. In particular, fans believe in emerging artists who are supported and promoted in every way. Thanks to these people, who I consider to be true long distance friends, I have managed to make myself known in private environments where I have found great consensus.

Another idea was to join ReverbNation, the world’s largest emerging artists platform that offered me all the tools to get more visibility and be contacted by top-level artists and record labels. In February 2017 my first single “Sparkling Dreams” was released, which was broadcast by some major American radio websites such as Lonely Oak Radio and C.Y.D. Radio.

On August 13, 2017, the song “ELENA on CDBaby featured on 150 Digital Distributors in 200 countries around the world, a song I am expecting much from.” ELENA “is a cool, danceable song where besides sexy and captivating lyrics they are very interesting sounds and a very high level arrangement. The official video has also been released on YouTube and a radio campaign will start in the United States, Canada and the UK. Another single is expected to be released by the end of the year and a full EP or full album by spring 2018. Today Elena, my partner in life, is also my collaborator in writing the lyrics and is back vocalist in the songs we write, great added value to the beauty of our relationship.

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A native of Castleblayney Co Monaghan Ireland, Jim McHugh’s music is rooted in the worlds of Atmospheric Folk and Melodic Indie.

The roots of this original music stretch back to Jim’s time performing and writing for many years with his band The Mandalas, previously known as Unaware.  In late 2016, Jim drew on his musical past and more recent experiences to put together an album of 12 new songs.  The songs flow through Indie and Up-Tempo Folk Rock to slower heart wrenching ballads.

The 12-track album has its launch in 2017 and features McHugh on vocals/guitars/piano. He has also enlisted his old band mate and friend James ‘Butch’McNeill on drums and former Speedking bass player Paul McCabe. The album was co-produced, mixed and mastered by the singer/songwriter Ben Reel at his new studio in Armagh.

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The noted West Coast performer Kim Kondrashoff is an accomplished musician, singer songwriter. Kim’s original compositions received a three star selection from Vancouver Province’s music critic Tom Harrison. His songs have been featured on C.B.C. radio( COASTAL GROOVES ) & independent radio stations worldwide. As a veteran character actor Kim has been seen in( WISEGUY ) ( X-FILES ) ( MACGYVER ) & many other T.V. series & movies of the week. His extensive feature film credits include working one on one with such stars as Dennis Miller( BORDELLO OF BLOOD ) Aidan Quinn( STAKEOUT ) & Jody Foster ( THE ACCUSED ) for which Ms. Foster won an Academy award. Stage credits include numerous productions with every major theatre company in Vancouver including the Vancouver Playhouse & the Art’s Club. Kim is the recipient of Vancouver’s Jessie Richardson Theatre Award for ensemble acting & has performed in over 100 radio dramas for the C.B.C. 

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Nicumo was first initiated by guitarist Atte Jääskelä in Northern Finland during 2007 and after a few transformations, in 2009 the band found a definitive direction with a new line up and began to use the name NICUMO. Incredibly strong vocals by Hannu Karppinen, lively, heavy rhythm section by Sami Kotila (bass) and Aki Pusa (drums), recognizable emotional guitar melodies with strong riffs by Atte Jääskelä and phenomenally rambling solos by Tapio Anttiroiko provide a musical mixture that is worth hearing.

After two EPs: “Close Our Eyes for Good” (2010) and “Scars & Glassy Eyes” (2011), Nicumo released their debut album “The End of Silence” (2013, Inverse Records). Their appropriately named debut reached 24th place on The Official Finnish Charts during its first week and proved to be a critical success with all positive reviews.

After the End of Silence, Nicumo became well known in the metal underground scene and have played dozens of gigs in six different countries to ever increasing audiences. Touring has increased the band technically and musically and as a band they now have even more to offer.

Finally, after a long creation process, Nicumo released their second album “Storms Arise” (2017, Inverse Records) on 7 July 2017. During its release week “Storms Arise” reached 12th position on Finland’s Top 40 Album chart and the song “Poltergeist” reached 7th place on the “Finnish 50 Most Viral” list on Spotify, proving that the band definitely have something to offer and are growing in strength every day.

Nicumo’s music has its roots in melodic metal, but are also influenced by many other genres and due to the bands home region, north is the strongest unifying element you can hear in their music. The main strength in the band’s music is versatility, from very punchy pop-rock to more progressive and even mesmerizing vibrations and all the way back to straight death metal.

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WORLD5 started with five close friends who were professional musicians.
Although life and personal projects put them in different locations around the
globe, they kept alive the desires of making music together. Realizing that
very long distances separate them physically but not musically, they used the
power of the World Wide Web to shorten the physical distance. They
recorded their first album “Global Experience” over 3 continents together,
founding members were Raimund Breitfeld, Steffen Goeres, Don Bruner,
Stephan Goessl and Roland Childs.
Texans Pat Hunt and Randy Miller, who produced the bands first album,
joined the band replacing Don Bruner and Roland Childs december 2012.
June 2013 brought the departure of saxophonist Stephan Goessl and the
arrival of Texan guitarist Joe Gavito. 2016, Album Nr.2 “Heartbeat Of The
World” was released on Spectra Music Group.
2017- WORLD5, in its 3rd incarnation, has a new line up. Joining Rai,
Steffen, and Joe are 2 accomplished journeymen. British singer/songwriter
and multi instrumentalist, Sam Stevens and Swedish bass player, Jimmy
Sam has been a successful songwriter, performer, and session guitarist in the
European music scene, working with a number of artists and studios across
Europe. Among those clients is pop impresario, Simon Napier Bell.
Jimmy has performed with some of the most popular groups in Sweden, such
as Nynningen, Nationalteatern and Björn Afzelius Band. The band is currently
working on Album Number 3.
Sam Stevens: lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Joe Gavito: guitars, keyboards, vocals
Steffen Goeres: guitars, trumpet
Jimmy Olsson: bass
Raimund Breitfeld: drums, percussion
Contact: 843 628 3555
Web / Social network appearence
Latest Release:
Single I Won´t Let You Down (03:31)
ISRC: QM6P41709326
Album Releases
Album: Heartbeat Of The World Time: 44:12
Release Date: October 7, 2016
UPC/ EAN: 647094998792
1. Because of you (03:31)
2. Footprints (04:44)
3. Heartbeat Of The World (03:49)
4. I promise you (03:23)
5. It won´t be the same (04:23)
6. Loving A Restless Heart (04:07)
7. Man Of Action (03:35)
8. Maybe There´s A Way (03:26)
9. Stay (03:33)
10. Who decides (05:11)
11. You will find me (04:30)
Album: Global Experience Time: 42:34
Release date: March 1, 2012
UPC/EAN : 859707677080 ASIN : B0085MJGNM
1. The morning light (3.23)
VEVO (Audio)
2. You and I (3.34)
VEVO (Official Music
3. All my heart (3:20)
VEVO (Audio)
4. So sincere (3:11)
5. Bring your heart home (3:23)
6. The line (3:35)
7. Jump and shout (3:16)
8. Walk away (3:18)
9. Dream house (4:03)
10. A day for lovers (4:22)
11. Living (3:35)
12.You and I (acoustic version) (3:35)
Office: 843 628 3555

“Dressed To the Nines”, New release from Caffeine.


Supersonic Media are proud to present Dressed To The Nines, the first new release from Caffeine in almost a decade. In the early 2000s Caffeine toured the world with some of the biggest bands on the planet including The Offspring, AFI, Rancid and Blink 182 to name but a few, they played Wembley Arena, Glasgow SECC and toured the US five times, and releasedtwo critically acclaimed albums and several singles/EPs ,and were used on countless TV extreme sports shows and video games, guitarist J now plays with electro rockers Calling All Astronauts and Scott fronts The Candle Thieves.

Dressed to The Nines is produced by Andy Hawkins (Flogging Molly, Sugarcult, Agnostic Front) is the first single to be taken from their long awaited third album “Empire”, an enormousslice of melodic Emo-tinged Punk Rock that immediately evokes thoughts of Jimmy Eat World and Alkaline Trio.

Caffeine are:-

JJ Browning                Guitars

Scott McEwan            Bass

Andy Clarke                Drums







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Toolong Records
3 ch. De Rigoumel – 83200 Toulon – France
After a self-produced album ‘The Desert of Wasted Time’ (2016) that obtained a good critical reception in French indie webzines, Erwan Pépiot comes back with 9 new songs, gathered in ‘Hidden Memories’, a new album released in June 2017 on Toolong Records and mastered by François Fanelli at Sonics Mastering.
Erwan Pépiot is a DIY multi-instrumentalist based in Paris. He wrote, recorded and mixed the entire project on his own in his home-studio. Only one exception to the rule: Aurélie Tremblay’s voice, present on every track.
The vocals are the first thing that strikes you when you listen to Somehow’s romantic and melancholic universe. Erwan’s phrase and timber are in line with Morrissey and Ian Curtis, but the melodies show a real singularity and sincerity. Somehow’s surrealist lyrics deal with human relationships, the passing of time, and the ideas of change and revolution.
The bass lines remind us of The Cure or Joy Division and yet the imaginative arrangements and the wide diversity of sounds (acoustic guitars, keyboards, melodica, violin, cello…) are more in line with bands like Belle and Sebastian or Fanfarlo. The result is a unique and touching indie-pop.
On stage, Erwan delivers an intimate voice and guitar interpretation of his songs.
This brand new record has already received unanimous critical acclaim in French and international media:
“While the deep timbre of Pépiot’s voice is the first thing you notice, once you hear the bass line, you’ll be entranced. (…) The result is splendid” [The Revue]
“Between his emotive vocals and the bouncy bass line is a mounting melancholy that sweeps over lampposts and railroad cars” [Ohestee]
“‘Hidden Memories’ is most certainly an LP to add to the collection” [Emerging Indie Bands]
“Une atmosphère parfois mélancolique, qui nous happe, et dont on ressort rasséréné“ [Pop Is On Fire]
“Un hymne à l’innocence et à la jouissance de l’instant, entre plaisir et liberté“ [Indie Music]
The first single’s video clip has been featured on BIRP! and Les Inrocks.
New album ‘Hidden Memories’ – Release date: June 2017 – Toolong Records
Toolong Records // Alex Telliez-Moreni
Erwan Pépiot

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Joe Deninzon has been hailed by critics as “The Jimi Hendrix of the
Violin,” because of his innovative style on the “Viper” electric sevenstring
electric violin. Joe has worked with Sheryl Crow, Bruce
Springsteen, Phoebe Snow, Everclear, Ritchie Blackmore, Alex
Skolnick, Smokey Robinson, Les Paul, Peter Criss from KISS,
Renaissance, and as a soloist with Jazz at Lincoln Center and the
New York City Ballet.
Joe is the lead singer and violinist for the progressive rock band,
Stratospheerius (, which has just released
their fifth CD on Melodic Revolution Records. He can be heard on
over a hundred CD’s and jingles as a violinist and string arranger. A
BMI Jazz Composer’s Grant recipient and winner of the John Lennon
Songwriting Contest, he has written a solo piece for violinist Rachel
Barton Pine, and in 2015, premiered his “Concerto for Electric Violin
and Orchestra” with the Muncie Symphony Orchestra.
Joe’s original music has been featured on CMT, MTV, VH1, Comedy
Central, National Geographic, the Travel Channel, the History
Channel, and the Will Ferrell/ Adam McKay- produced film “Virginity
Hit.” He also co-wrote the score for the independent film, “What’s Up
Scarlet” (Open City Films).
Joe is also a member of the Sweet Plantain String Quartet
(, which combines Latin Jazz with hip-hop
and Classical music, and has toured throughout Europe and the U.S.
Joe has also released a CD with his Acoustic Jazz Trio, titled
As an educator, Joe has taught at Mark O’Connor’s String Camp and
Mark Wood’s Rock Orchestra Camp, and makes annual appearances
performing at the Grand Canyon Music Festival with renowned
harmonica virtuoso Robert Bonfiglio. In 2006, Joe co-founded the
Grand Canyon School of Rock, an annual music program for local
high school students. He regularly travels as a clinician and has
contributed articles to Strings, Downbeat, American String Teachers
Journal, and Making Music Magazine. In 2012, Joe wrote a book on
electric violin techniques for Mel Bay Publications, titled “Plugging In.”
Joe has made the Downbeat Critic’s pole for “rising stars” in jazz/rock
violin. Chris Haigh’s book, “Discovering Rock Violin,” lists one of
Joe’s recorded solos among the “Top 20 greatest rock violin solos of
all time.”
Joe holds Bachelor’s degrees in Violin Performance and Jazz Violin
from Indiana University and a Master’s in Jazz/Commercial violin
from Manhattan School of Music.

Twitter: @joedeninzon