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“Forge the Dream” from @NYCFactoryfast on www.onlyrockradio.com

“Cranking up an elusive but flamboyant power, this mix is
consistently exciting and inspired… “
Title – Forge the Dream
Release Date – 31 july 2017 Genre – Rock / grunge
Featuring Anagram Noise (Greensboro, North Carolina),
Lee Williams (San Francisco), Uforia (Toronto), Chris
Bolint (Chicago), Black Snak, After Alice (Jackson,
SC) and Freelite (Polatsk, Belarus)
Featured Tracks –
01 – ’99 Gold’ – After Alice
02 – ‘Fight Or Flight’ – Uforia
03 – ‘In a Glow’ – Freelite
04 – ‘Forge the Dream’- Chris Bolint
05 – ’Bad Beat’ – Black Snak
06 – ‘I’ve Got My Eyes on You’ – Lee Williams
07 – ‘Envy’ – Anagram Noise
Social Media / Links –
After Alice https://twitter.com/afteraliceband https://www.facebook.com/AfterAlice/
Uforia https://twitter.com/UforiaBand https://www.facebook.com/uforiaband
Freelite https://www.facebook.com/Freeliteband https://freelite.bandcamp.com/
Chris Bolint https://twitter.com/ChrisBolint https://www.facebook.com/chrisbolint
Black Snak https://twitter.com/blacksnak https://www.facebook.com/
Lee Williams https://twitter.com/LeeWill19889492 https://www.facebook.com/Leewilliams19889492/
Anagram Noise https://soundcloud.com/jkm-937818393 https://soundcloud.com/jkm-937818393
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016


“Conversations in the Local” from @NYCFactoryfast on www.onlyrockradio.com

“Breaking out of the neat box, this mix of Songwriters posses an
amaranthine appeal minus the commercial affectations… “
Title – Conversations in the Local
Release Date – 24 July 2017 Genre – Singer / Songwriter
Featuring Matt Tubey (London), DJ Readman (Banbury, UK), Shane
Klein (Santa Cruz, CA), Dave Whitcher Saga (Tigard, Oregon),
Dustin Bird (Ontario, Cananda), Danny Mortimer (Elgin.
Scotland)and AMbassadors of Morning (Washington D.C.)
Featured Tracks –
01 – ‘Conversations In the Local’ – Matt Tubey
02 – ‘Eternal Glow’ – AMbassadors of Morning
03 – ‘Stay With Me’ – Danny Mortimer
04 – ‘Pirates in My Sink’ – DJ Readman
05 – ‘Marcel’ – Shane Klein
06 – ‘Just Dance’ – Dustin Bird
07 – ‘Reunion’ – Dave Whitcher Saga
Social Media / Links –
Matt Tubey https://twitter.com/MattTubey https://www.facebook.com/MattTubey
AMbassadors of Morning https://twitter.com/AMofMorning https://www.facebook.com/AMbassadorsofMorning/
Danny Mortimer https://twitter.com/d_mortimermusic https://www.facebook.com/dannymortimermusic/
DJ Readman https://twitter.com/DJReadman https://www.facebook.com/dogandcrow
Shane Klein http://shaneklein.zone/ https://www.instagram.com/shane_klein/
Dustin Bird https://twitter.com/Dustin_Bird https://www.facebook.com/dustinbirdmusic
Dave Whitcher Saga https://twitter.com/dwhitchersaga https://www.facebook.com/davewhitchersaga/
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016

“Bad Mamacita” from @NYCFactoryfast on www.onlyrockradio.com

“Packed with energy and flair, these ever-dynamic gems will keep
you guessing and entertained… “
Title – Bad Mamacita
Release Date – 17 July Genre – Alternative / Hip Hop
Featuring SALIO (London), Teemus Supreme (Surrey, British
Columbia), Surianne (Marbella, Spain), Divina (London), Pretti
Emage (Clearwater, FL), Fall With Grace (Linköping, Sweden)
and Replikant (Brisbane)
Featured Tracks –
01 – ‘Bad Mamacita’ – Pretti Emage
02 – ‘Part of Me’ – Fall With Grace
03 – ‘Where The River Flows’ – SALIO
04 – ‘Rise & Fall’ – Replikant
05 – ‘We Are As One’ – Surianne
06 – ‘Up To Here’ – Teemus Supreme feat. Queezi
07 – ‘Young, Free and Single’ – Divina
Social Media / Links –
Pretti Emage https://twitter.com/PrettiEmage https://www.facebook.com/PrettiEmage/
Fall With Grace https://twitter.com/FallWithGrace https://www.facebook.com/fallwithgracesweden/
SALIO https://twitter.com/salio_official https://www.facebook.com/SalioOfficial/
Replikant https://www.facebook.com/replikantofficial https://soundcloud.com/replikantofficial
Surianne https://twitter.com/surianne https://www.facebook.com/suriannemusic/
Teemus Supreme https://twitter.com/TeemusSupreme https://www.facebook.com/teemussupreme
Divina https://twitter.com/divinablackson https://www.facebook.com/Divinathesinger/
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016

“Shocking Blue” From @NYCFactoryfast @viajester @bfwmusic @agedteen and more on www.onlyrockradio.com

“Thick and abiding, this mix is driven by ultra cool riffs and Hard
Rock that echoes with amplified muscle…”
Title – Shocking Blue
Release Date – 10 July 2017 Genre – Hard Rock / Grunge
Featuring Vie Jester (Los Angeles), Aged Teen (Naples, Italy),
Broken Factory Windows (Atlanta), Somewhere Between
(Bend, Oregon), A New Nowhere (Newcastle UK), Nein Lives
(Brighton, UK) and Quorum (Okehampton UK)
Featured Tracks –
01 – ‘Manifest’ – Vie Jester
02 – ‘Speak Less’ – Broken Factory Windows
03 – ‘Shocking Blue’ – Aged Teen
04 – ‘Smoking Gun’ – Somewhere Between
05 – ‘Come Home’ – Nein Lives
06- ‘I Disappoint You’ – A New Nowhere
07 – ‘Run’ – Quorum
Social Media / Links –
Vie Jester https://twitter.com/VieJester https://www.facebook.com/viejester/
Broken Factory Windows https://twitter.com/bfwmusic https://www.facebook.com/BrokenFactoryWindows/
Aged Teen https://twitter.com/AgedTeen https://www.facebook.com/AgedTeenBand/
Somewhere Between https://twitter.com/SBMusicBand https://www.facebook.com/SomewhereBetweenMusic/
Nein Lives https://twitter.com/neinlives9 https://www.facebook.com/neinlives9
A New Nowhere https://twitter.com/ANewNowhere https://www.facebook.com/anewnowhere/
Quorum https://twitter.com/QuorumOfficial https://www.facebook.com/QuorumOfficial/
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016

Listen “Below Blue Earth” @NYCFactoryFast @jjmcguiganmusic @Geary_Nelson ScrewtapeMusic www.onlyrockradio.com

“Not only do the songwriters make you want to strum along, but
they tell splendid and authentic stories… “
Title – Below Blue Earth
Release Date – 3 July 2017 Genre – roots / acoustic
Featuring JJ McGuigan (Wichita, Kansas), Screwtape (Ontario,
Canada), Osborne Jones (Los Angeles), Andy Zovko (Canada),
Geary Nelson (Arkansas, USA), Blue Ribbon (Virginia, USA) and
Lee N. Sage (Detroit)
Featured Tracks –
01 – ‘Home’ – JJ McGuigan
02 – ‘Continues to Burn’ – Geary Nelson
03 – ‘Fanny Pack For C.C.’ – Screwtape
04 – ‘You’re You’ – Blue Ribbon
05 – ‘Pastures’ – Lee N. Sage
06 – ‘One Little Candle (Death Toll Blues)’ – Andy Zovko
07 – ‘Down To Austin’ – Osborne Jones
Social Media / Links –
JJ McGuigan https://twitter.com/jjmcguiganmusic https://www.facebook.com/jjshredder15/
Geary Nelson https://twitter.com/Geary_Nelson https://www.facebook.com/JamesGearyNelson
Screwtape https://twitter.com/ScrewtapeMusic https://www.facebook.com/CantOutrunTheBullet/
Blue Ribbon https://twitter.com/RibbonHeads137 https://www.facebook.com/BlueRibbonOnline/
Lee N. Sage https://twitter.com/leensage https://www.facebook.com/leensagemusic/
Andy Zovko https://twitter.com/ZovkoMusic https://www.facebook.com/ZovkoMusic/
Osborne Jones https://osbornejones.bandcamp.com/
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2017

Dreaming of Sin From @NYCFactoryfast @cyphier_virus @RampancyMusic @1195pm @elementozeroez @untitlednewshit @M4UIT

“All of the record is indie-spirited bliss giving these unique artists
a chance to flaunt their creative chops…”
Title – Dreaming of Sin
Release Date – 19 June 2017 Genre – Alternative / Rock
Featuring Untitled New Shit (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain), Elemento
Zero (Brazil), M4U (Italy), Cyphier (London, Ontario), Brian
Devlin (Scotland), Rampancy At Midnight (Lexington, KY) and
11:95 PM (Italy)
Featured Tracks –
01 – ‘Dreaming of Sin’ – Cyphier
04 – ‘Columbia’ – Rampancy At Midnight
03 – ‘Dancing’- Brian Devlin
04 – ‘Damned Money’ – 11:95 PM
05 – ‘Fim (The End)’ – Elemento Zero
06 – ’25i nBome’ – Untitled New Shit
07 – ‘Acid Rain’ – M4U
Social Media / Links –
Cyphier https://twitter.com/cyphier_virus https://www.facebook.com/Cyphier/
Rampancy At Midnight https://twitter.com/RampancyMusic https://www.facebook.com/rampancymusic/
Brian Devlin https://soundcloud.com/prairie-song
11:95 PM https://twitter.com/1195pm https://www.facebook.com/1195Pm
Elemento Zero https://twitter.com/elementozeroez https://www.facebook.com/elementozeroez/
Untitled New Shit https://twitter.com/Untitlednewshit https://www.facebook.com/untitlednewshit/
M4U https://twitter.com/M4UIT https://www.facebook.com/M4UIT
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2017

Listen The Noise Floor from @NYCFactoryFast on www.onlyrockradio.com

“No gimmicks! Just adventurous songs emphasizing strong
independent voices and memorable music…”
Title – The Noise Floor
Release Date – 12 june 2017 Genre – Indie Rock
Featured Artists – Pocket Culture Orchestra ( Athens, Greece), Paleosonik
(London), Jmaxx (Johannesburg, South Africa), Mouthful of Snow (Temecula, CA),
Astral Cloud Ashes (Jersey, UK), Electrockrat ( Tel Aviv, Israel) and The Faded
North (Vienna, Austria)
Featured Tracks –
01 – ‘A Letter Never Sent’ – Paleosonik
02 – ‘Worm’ – The Faded North
03 – ‘Too Close to the Noise Floor’ – Astral Cloud Ashes
04 – ‘Same Love’ – Pocket Culture Orchestra
05 – ‘First Love’ – Jmaxx
06 – ‘Sylar’ – Mouthful of Snow
07 – ‘Fade Away’ – Electrockrat
Social Media / Links –
Paleosonik https://twitter.com/Paleosonik https://www.facebook.com/Paleosonik-205594339619332/
The Faded North https://www.facebook.com/thefadednorth/ https://thefadednorth.bandcamp.com/
Astral Cloud Ashes https://twitter.com/AstralCloudAsh https://www.facebook.com/astralcloudashes/
Pocket Culture Orchestra https://twitter.com/PCOofficial https://www.facebook.com/pocketcultureorchestra/
Jmaxx https://twitter.com/JmaxxJustin https://www.facebook.com/JMAXXSA
Mouthful of Snow https://mouthfulofsnow.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/mouthfulofsnow/
Electrockrat https://twitter.com/Goren16Omer https://www.facebook.com/Electrockrat/
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016

Listen “Groove Gravy” from @NYCFactoryFast

“Leaving a lasting impression, this mix of atmospheric but cunning
songwriting shows off the flair and craftiness of the artists……”
Title – Groove Gravy
Release Date – 15 May 2017 Genre – alternative / soft rock
Featuring Dustin Bird (Ontario, Canada), Adiodoy (Freeport, IL),
Jackson Reed (Calgary, Alberta), Claiming Neptune (Austin),
Zoe Zac (Hobart, Australia), Brandon James (Chicago) and
Downie (Portland)
Featured Tracks –
01 – ‘Song 13’ – Adiodoy
02 – ‘Let Me Let Go’ – Claiming Neptune
03 – ‘Because of You’ – Brandon James
04 – ‘Safe Place’ – Dustin Bird
05 – ‘I Hope that You’re Alright’ – Jackson Reed
06 – ‘Sleepless Nights’ – Zoe Zac (courtesy of Metal Postcard Records)
07 – ‘Come and Go’ – Downie
Social Media / Links –
Adiodoy https://twitter.com/officialadiodoy ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx_I3W33hJSIbIAQf9RDX8A )
Claiming Neptune https://twitter.com/ClaimingNeptune https://www.facebook.com/claimingneptune/
Brandon James https://www.facebook.com/BrandDo20/ ( https://soundcloud.com/branddo20 )
Dustin Bird https://twitter.com/dustin_bird https://www.facebook.com/dustinbirdmusic/
Jackson Reed https://twitter.com/jacksonreedrock https://www.facebook.com/jacksonreedrockandroll/
Zoe Zac https://www.facebook.com/zoezac76/ ( https://zoezac.bandcamp.com/ )
Downie https://www.facebook.com/downiestreahl/
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016

Listen “No Brain No Headache” From @NYCFactoryFast on www.onlyrockradio.tk

“Churning out the mud at full power, this mix is a striking vehicle
for twisted guitar riffs and dithyrambic epistles…”
Title – No Brain No Headache
Release Date – 8 May 2017 Genre – Rock
Featuring 21Grams (Stoke On Trent, UK), Celestial Fury
(Glasgow), Leo Steel (Liverpool) , Dark Oz (Portland),
Distrackted (Portland), Missiles Of October (Brussels) and
Faces of Society
Featured Tracks –
01 – ‘Ljbuljana’ – Leo Steel
02 – ‘Darkness’ – Distrackted
03 – ‘No Brain No Headache’ – Missiles Of October
04 – ‘Meridia’ – Celestial Fury
05 – ‘Blown’ – Faces of Society
06 – ‘Seal Your Fate (Live)’ – 21Grams
07 – ‘Big Top’ – Dark Oz
Social Media / Links –
Leo Steel https://soundcloud.com/leo-steel https://www.facebook.com/Leo-Steel-562287937226088/
Distrackted @Brad_Bass https://www.reverbnation.com/bradbass ( https://soundcloud.com/btbass-1 )
Missiles Of October https://missilesofoctober.bandcamp.com/ ( https://www.facebook.com/Missiles-Of-October-342925235719273/ )
Celestial Fury https://www.youtube.com/user/Coopieification ( https://www.facebook.com/celestialfurymusic )
Faces of Society https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-A3pyh9khz8PHohRozwRpw
21Grams @GramsTwentyone https://www.facebook.com/21Grams-345025962264611/
Dark Oz @Dark_Oz_band ( darkozband.bandcamp.com )
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016

Listen 6 Stings From Factory Fast Records on www.onlyrockradio.tk

“Going for the gut (not the gloss) this mix pounds out roots rock
with sweat and reckless abandon… ”
Title – 6 Stings
Release Date – 17 April 2017 Genre – RooTs Rock
Featuring CounterSuit (North Carolina), George Lugatt (Tbilisi,
Georgia), TJ Sutton (New Orleans Louisiana), Calle Ameln
(Sweden), Stone Senate (Nashville), Dave Whitcher Saga
(Tigard, Oregon) and Whitney Road (Lower Hudson Valley, NY)
Featured Tracks –
01 – ‘Cinderella Story’ – Dave Whitcher Saga
01 – ‘Over You’ – Stone Senate
03 – ‘Weight Of The World’ – Whitney Road
04 – ‘6 Strings’ – CounterSuit
05 – ‘Back Home To Me’ – TJ Sutton
06 – ‘I Know My Whiskey’ – Calle Ameln
07 – ‘Shadow Sisters’ – George Lugatt
Social Media / Links –
Dave Whitcher Saga @dwhitchersaga (davewhitchersaga.com)
Stone Senate @stonesenate https://www.facebook.com/stonesenateband
Whitney Road https://www.facebook.com/pg/whitneyroadmusic/
CounterSuit @CounterSuit https://www.facebook.com/pg/countersuitofficial/
TJ Sutton @tjsuttonmusic https://www.facebook.com/tjsuttonmusic
Calle Ameln @CalleAmeln https://www.facebook.com/calleameln/
George Lugatt @GeorgeLugatt ( http://www.lugatt.net/ )
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016