Listen “When Worlds Collide” from @NYCFactoryFast with @blacksnak @thespacesharks @williepsycho1 @AB7VN @THEGONEBAND @DMORTIMERMUSIC @TOFTHEBAND on

“Defiant and assured with gutsy guitars and gnarled vocals, the
bands display an approach that is fresh and vital…”
Title – When Worlds Collide
Release Date – 22 May 2017 Genre – Rock / Grunge
Featuring Danny Mortimer (Elgin, Scotland), Tongues Of Fire
(Asheville, NC), AB7VN (Planet Earth), The Gone (Lancaster, Pa),
Black Snak (Orange County, CA), Willie Psycho (San Diego) and
The Space Sharks (Boston / Baltimore)
Featured Tracks –
01 – ‘A Heartfelt Charade’ – Black Snak
02 – ‘Black Helicopters Overhead’ – The Space Sharks
03 – ‘When Worlds Collide’ – Willie Psycho
04 – ‘Cross’ – AB7VN
05 – ‘Always the Same’ – The Gone
06 – ‘Jackson’ – Danny Mortimer
07 – ‘Bleedin’ Out’ – Tongues Of Fire
Social Media / Links –
Black Snak
The Space Sharks
Willie Psycho
The Gone TheGoneBand
Danny Mortimer
Tongues Of Fire
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016


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