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7th Order Bio
7th Order is an American rock and roll band, whose
debut extended play CD release, ‘The Lake of Memory’,
was issued on the Big Island Sounds label in 2007. Led by
vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Daniel Jones, the band was
formed in Seattle, WA – but is now based in Hawaii.
The band had been together for several years by the time
“The Lake of Memory” was released – their worldwide
radio debuts actually took place on various radio stations
around the world in August of 2003.
The band has, at various times, been assisted by
veteran British guitarist Martin Pugh (of Steamhammer
and Armageddon), drummer Tim Kelliher (of Randy Hansen’s Machine Gun), and Geoff
Thorpe (of Vicious Rumors). Reviewers have recognized their particular sound as
reminiscent of blues-rock bands like The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds, with
progressive undertones ala Led Zeppelin.
In June, 2015 – the band’s web site announced a brand new compilation/career
retrospective CD release, titled The Initiate’s Journey, 2003-13. It has been available on
iTunes, Spotify,, Google Music and elsewhere online since July 2015.
As of October 16, 2015 – 7th Order was the number one artist for the State of Hawaii on
the Reverb Nation web site. For more information on the band, please visit:
7th Order official website ( )
7th Order on Facebook ( )
7th Order on Twitter ( )
7th Order on Wikipedia ( )
MTV 7th Order entry ( )
Contact the band:
The Media Associates, Los Angeles, CA.
Phone: (818) 856-1006 Email:


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