I Wanna sing from Factory Fast Records on www.onlyrockradio.tk

“Heartfelt and raw, this fascinating mix combines
cooked-straight rock with emotionally-charged material. Nice and
Lusty… “
Title – I Wanna Sing Release Date – 27 February 2017 Genre – Rock / alternative
Featuring The Koniac Net (Mumbai, India), J.R. Sacks (Newcastle,
UK), Julie Curly (Montréal), The Reverent Cavaliers (Spring
Hill, TN), Jack Blake (Buffalo), Dave’s Neck (Stockholm) and
Mouthful Of Snow (Temecula, CA)
01 – ‘My Child’ – Mouthful Of Snow 02 – ‘Knock Knock Idiot’ – Dave’s Neck 03 – ‘No Matter How Many Miles’ – Jack Blake 04 – ‘I Wanna Sing’ – The Reverent Cavaliers 06 – ‘Comme un Zèbre dans le Désert’ – Julie Curly 06 – ‘Floor-less (de profundis)’ – The Koniac Net 07 – ‘Ain’t It Grand’ – J.R. Sacks
Social Media / Links –
Mouthful Of Snow https://mouthfulofsnow.bandcamp.com/ ( https://www.facebook.com/mouthfulofsnow/ )
Dave’s Neck http://davesneck.com/ ( https://www.facebook.com/davesneck666 )
Jack Blake https://twitter.com/12stringjack ( https://www.facebook.com/pg/jackblakeandfriends )
The Reverent Cavaliers https://twitter.com/RevCavs ( https://soundcloud.com/rick-hammond-2 )
Julie Curly https://twitter.com/JulieCurlyMusic ( juliecurly.com )
The Koniac Net https://twitter.com/thekoniacnet ( thekoniacnet.com )
J.R. Sacks https://soundcloud.com/johnsacks
New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016


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