Hung Like Hanratty is on

Hung Like Hanratty (named after the last man hung in the UK) are a punk band formed by ex- Dirt Box Disco’ s Al Sation. Originally formed in 2005, the band split up but reformed in 2012 and did well enough to be signed by Underdogz Records, releasing their album ‘Human Pig’.  Influenced by punk bands of 1977, they embarked on a series of dates with the Buzzcocks, Damned, Stiff Little Fingers, Vibrators, Sham 69 and many more, headlining Manchester Academy and Nottingham Ice Arena on the way. They are set for a string of headlining gigs in clubs and festivals from the end of March right through the summer, headlining the famous Bulldog Bash in June.


Voted band of the year 2014 and 2015 by Fungal Punk DIY

‘Watching and listening to Hung Like Hanratty is like being back in 1977’ (NME)

‘Hung Like Hanratty are one of the best live band on the circuit’ (Planet Mosh)

‘Hung Like Hanratty are outstanding, great lyrics, top band’ (Eaten Alive)

‘Hung Like Hanratty are the best live punk band around today’ (Punk UK)

‘Hung Like Hanratty are a breath of fresh air. Clever, funny and honest’ (Scooter mag)



Hung Like Hanratty are:

Al Sation : Vocals

Valium: Lead Guitar

Asa : Rhythm Guitar

Tez Tickle : Bass Guitar

Alex Trician: Drums


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