Whitehall is on www.onlyrockradio.tk

Whitehall, Belgian band, is to be founded by Scratch and Sebastien, in 2014, both lovers of true rock and roll, their influences are bands like led zeppelin, Deep purple, Jeff beck, Rival Sons. After their respective bands broke up they decided to join their envy to create a band of their own with power full guitar riffs, detonating drums and bass fill, and lyrics worth the try… after a few live gigs they decided to record their own songs, they recorded “comin’ for you” and “you’re all I need” studio version with the former version of whitehall faith as given them the opportunity to encounter the path of Mario Zola as their new drummer followed by Marc Alabasse as their bass player. Finally, Steeve Ronco join the band as Keybordist soon their will bring them to create together a brand new band full of surprises Their new EP consist of six songs You’re all I need: Comin for you Eternal blackout Soon I will be gone (cover of free) Sacrifice Surrender For more information , you can follow us on fb:https://www.facebook.com/Whitehall-Rock-and-RollBand-311805288944606/?fref=ts on our website: http://www.whitehall-band.com on twitter: https://twitter.com/Whitehallband


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