Elizmi bio

Elizmi singer-songwriter from Kent.
No matter what she does or, where she is Elizmi Haze stands out.
There’s nothing stereotypical about her. In person and on stage, she’s got a determined
spirit, laced with a timeless elegance. Musically, she can render Motown soul as well as
she can nod to nineties hip-hop. Blessed with an astounding natural voice and a knack for
a hook, she is redefining what’s possible within pop.
In other words, Elizmi always remains one-of-a-kind. That’s why she’s quickly becoming
own in the music world.
In 2011, the UK-born singer and songwriter came back to her homeland, from living in
Spain from the age of six. Writing her first song at the age of 15, Elizmi found a producer in
London. Two tracks later Elizmi felt it was not working out. Elizmi then concentrated on her
2015, Elizmi started writing again and went looking for a producer who would listen to her
ideas for her songs. Her debut single, Tallest Hill, was produced by Big jam Studios in May
2016 who also introduced her to DeeVu Records to publish. It debuted number 1 on the
PR Top 100, in June 2016. It also generated astoundingly in the Top 10 at radio stations
around the world being played numerous times on BBC Radio. “Shine” was then released
in August 2016 and was also a great success, being played by the BBC and all around the
In September 2016 Elizmi was approached by SoulSeekers to do a remix of Tallest Hill.
They had heard the track and loved Elizmi’s voice. Wanting to give her a helping hand
SoulSeekers did the remix for free. The track had a great response to it with it going to no
26 on the iTunes chart and being played in all the top clubs in the UK.
Elizmi started to write mainly as she did not feel as if she fitted in with the Spanish
teenagers, although she can speak Spanish fluently, and in the UK. She found it was just
as hard to fit in after living for all though years in a different country.
Now she gets inspiration from her life now, her friends and family.
Elizmi is at the moment working on some great new tracks for 2017. “Watch out” this
young lady will be seen everywhere over this coming year.


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